Little Penguins Won’t Stop Breaking Into Sushi Cart

This is the story of two little blue penguins who experienced a sizable amount of disappointment. They picked a nesting site and they believed that they were being provided with fresh fish to eat. Unfortunately, it did not take long before they learned the truth. This location in Wellington, New Zealand may have been convenient for their personal needs but others felt differently!

The penguins thought that they had chosen wisely. After all, what better place is there for penguins to hang out than a sushi stand? They had even crossed a busy highway to make their way to this location. While they were happy to be there, everyone else did not share in their enthusiasm. The troubles first began when a local police officer first took notice of them.

They were led back to the water that they came from and that was that. Or so it seemed. As it turns out, the penguins were not about to take off without a fight. The Wellington District Police referred to these animals as “waddling vagrants”. We must admit that the description was pretty apt, even if we support these penguins in their quest.

Sushi Bi’s owner Long Li had enough of the penguins. At first, he had no clue that they were even there. Finally, he realized that the guests had taken notice of them. The police may not have been fans of the birds but they were certainly not bad for business. This harbor is home to a wide range of penguins. These two are the only brave souls who were willing to cross the highway, though.

“The irony that they end up under a sushi cart,” said Quentin Ward. He is the senior sergeant who has been tasked with helping to relocate the penguins. Their presence might be adorable but wild animals have no place at an eatery, even if the customers find them cute. The Wellington Zoo and The Department of Conservation worked with the police to make sure that the birds were okay.

We are glad to see that these penguins are going to be well taken care of. They were given access to a more appropriate nesting region and a full medical examination. The animals are doing great but authorities are still worried about a potential return. We have a feeling that we have yet to hear the last from these sneaky birds. Please take a moment to share this hilarious story!

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