Man Finds Dog Abandoned Injured, Rushes To Save His Life

This St. Louis, Missouri man saw a dog that was in need and knew that he had to help out. While Randy has been rescuing animals for decades now, he was stunned to see the condition that Champ was in. Randy’s Stray Rescue of St. Louis was contacted about the dog and he was on the scene quickly. The Akita was laying on the ground, covered in bloody wounds.

The poor animal was in total agony. “It’s okay, buddy, I’m going to help you,” said Randy. This is what he told the dog before whisking him off to receive the medical care that he so desperately needed. This rescue mission would eventually capture the hearts of animal lovers all over the world. The emergency veterinarians did their best to help him.

At this time, Randy gave him his new name. Champ was going to make it. Randy was sure of it. Champ’s life was saved by this kind man. He had been badly beaten and left to die on the sidewalk. We cannot believe that someone would do this to an innocent dog. There is nothing that he could have possibly done to deserve this sort of treatment. This sort of behavior is appalling.

You would have to be a real sicko to punch and kick a dog that did not do anything to you. Randy remained by the dog’s side during his rehab process. The Stray Rescue raised the funds that the dog would need to survive. They also started the process of finding him a forever family to call his own. Shirts were printed up that said, “Fight Like Champ”.

The proceeds from these shirts were used to assist the dog in his recovery. Randy’s efforts were not for naught. Thanks to his actions, the dog was able to survive the onslaught of abuse that he had experienced. We are glad to see that he is okay now. This dog never deserved to experience the worst side of humanity like this. Randy deserves all of the praise for stepping in here.

There are a lot of people who would have simply kept walking past the dog. Unfortunately, animal abuse is not always taken seriously. Thanks to people like Randy, these animals do not have to suffer in silence.

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