Lost Dog Never Picked Up By Family At Shelter Has Been Waiting Over 2 Years For New One

Lindsy was found wandering the streets back in 2016. She was then taken to a New York shelter, where she would remain for the foreseeable future. She was kept as a stray hold and one day, a child contacted the Babylon Animal Shelter to ask about Lindsy. According to the child, Lindsy was her family’s dog and they would soon come by to pick up the pet.

The little girl said that she was going to ask her dad if they could come by. Apparently, this conversation did not go in the manner that the child expected because the family never came back for her. Lindsy has been residing at the shelter ever since. She has been residing at the shelter for the past two years, waiting for the right family to see just how special she can be if she is given a chance.

She will make a great companion for anyone that chooses her. Lindsy likes to spend time with people and she is quick to let her chosen humans know how much she cares. She can catch treats while they are airborne, play fetch and knows basic commands. Someone who likes to relax and watch television with their dog will definitely enjoy her company.

She is a senior dog, though. These dogs tend to struggle to find homes in most instances. The average person does not want to deal with the problems that take place when a senior dog is adopted into their home. There is a false perception about the level of attention that they are going to need. There are others who just simply prefer a puppy.

Since she is not a small, cute puppy, her options are more limited than expected. The longer a dog has been at the shelter, the stronger the stigma becomes that they are not able to fit into a happy home. Lindsy is not a sad dog but the staff wants to see her move on. They know how kind she can be and they are ready to assist her in finding the best home.

Please share this story with your friends and loved ones. Lindsy’s story needs more attention. If you are able to provide this dog with the loving home that they need, be sure to pick up the phone and contact Babylon Animal Shelter immediately. Here’s hoping that Lindsy is able to find the home that she deserves soon!

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