Man Reads About Stolen Dog And Spots Thief, Dog’s Reaction Goes Viral After Calling His Name

Zeus is a special dog who means a great deal to his family but others may know him as the kiteboarding dog. He was kidnapped and taken away from his family earlier this month. Fortunately, a kind man who happened to be checking his Facebook news feed when this story was circulating was able to help the dog and made sure that he was reunited with his family.

Cameron Maramenides is the dog’s original owner and the Olympic kiteboarder has formed a close bond with Zeus. Zeus loves to spend time with his family out on the water. He has become quite the awesome kiteboarder himself. We love to watch his exploits as often as we can. Dimitri Maramenides is the family patriarch and he is known all over the world for his kiteboarding skills.

With a family like this, it is no wonder that Zeus took after his brother and dad. The dog has even been given the chance to appear in various magazines. When disaster struck and Zeus vanished, the family contacted the police. They even hired a detective who is responsible for locating lost dogs. All of the stops were pulled out in order to bring Zeus home.

Miguel Camacho is the man who happened upon the Facebook. The electrician was about to take a test when he saw a story in his news feed that stopped him in his tracks. He was reading an article about Zeus’ kidnapping and just so happened to see a car pull up at that moment. When the man got out of the car with Zeus, he knew instantly.

He contacted the young man and let him know what he had seen. Miguel could hear the distress in Cameron’s voice. Miguel said that he would keep watch until Cameron and Dimitri were able to arrive. The police said that they could not act until the dog’s owners were present. Miguel tailed the man until he was confronted by the dog thief.

The man asked why Miguel was following him. He let the thief know that he was onto him and called Zeus’ name. The dog sprinted out of the car and into his in no time. Zeus was then reunited with his family. He was forced to spend a week apart from his loved ones because of someone else’s reprehensible decision. Best of all, Miguel was allowed to retake his test once his teacher heard about his selfless act.

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