Toyota Is Offering A New Truck To A Nurse Who Transported Patients During The California Wildfires

The California wildfires are claiming the lives and homes of many. As the death toll continues to climb, first responders and firefighters are working tirelessly to help. Nurses are also doing their part. Allyn Pierce is one of these nurses and he is responsible for overseeing the intensive care unit at a Pasadena hospital. He is going above and beyond to make sure that patients remain safe.

Allyn has even driven through the flames in order to ensure patient safety. His own life has been placed in danger during these trips. Traffic gridlocks are taking place on a regular basis and if not for a timely bulldozer, Pierce would have found himself trapped in the flames. He was in the process of recording a goodbye message to his family when the bulldozer came along.

Instead of turning around and heading home, Pierce persevered. He believes that his Toyota Tundra saved his life. The pictures that he posted on Instagram after the bulldozer arrived were absolutely astonishing. The good people at Toyota have taken notice of his actions and are stepping up to help out. They are giving Allyn a brand new Tundra for his troubles!

They saw his Instagram post after it went viral and decided that it was time to assist him in his efforts. The Toyota Twitter account’s mentions were full of people calling their attention to what had taken place. They were not going to let Pierce’s efforts go unrecognized. This man risked his life to save others and he will receive a brand new truck for his troubles.

Like so many others residents of this state, Pierce is also left homeless and jobless. A Go Fund Me page has been set up in his honor and we urge our readers to pass this story along so that he can receive the assistance he deserves. Hopefully, Allyn is able to get back on his feet as quickly as possible. These wildfires are not going anywhere anytime soon.

The death toll has not stopped rising and it will take a village to overcome this saddening event. We wish the survivors all of the best and hope that everyone is willing to band together to overcome what has taken place. No one deserves to go through this sort of trauma. Kudos to Allyn for being brave enough to put his own concerns to the side.

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