Loyal Dog Passes Away After Protecting His Master’s Grave For 11 Years

The loyalty of a dog is essentially boundless. Even when their masters are not around, they are never going to turn their backs. Capitán may have only known his owner for one year but his loyalty never diminished once over the course of the ensuing 11 years. Miguel was his owner and he tragically passed away just one year after taking in Capitán.

Capitán was not going to forget his owner this quickly, though. The man’s family could not find him once Miguel had passed on. His son Damián and his wife Veronica looked everywhere. Eventually, they assumed that the dog had run off. Little did they know that he had a different purpose in mind. He had not been adopted by another family at all.

He decided that he was never going to leave Miguel’s side, even if that meant making a unique decision. When Miguel’s son finally went to visit his grave, he was met by quite the visitor. No one knew how the dog had gotten there but one thing is for sure, he is one of the most loyal creatures that we have ever seen. How did he know where to find Miguel?

The cemetery staff did not mind his presence at all. They decided to adopt him. The staffers made sure that he got all of his shots and they even took him to the vet when the poor fellow managed to break his leg. While the dog would still head home from time to time, he would make his way back to the grave every day, without fail.

Sadly, the proud pooch was finally removed from his post. His kidneys began to fail and the family decided that it would be best for the dog to spend his final days with Miguel. It is what he would have wanted anyways. They did not take him to the vet’s office to be put down. He spent 11 years guarding his master’s grave and was not going to leave until he absolutely had to.

This touching story will definitely have you reaching for the tissue box. This is one dog who has lived up to the title of being man’s best friends. We hope that our pal is resting in peace now. Your work is finally done here, big fellow. Please take time out to pass this incredible tale along to the dog lovers in your life.

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