Stranger Drives Halfway Across America To Return Lost Dog

When a Kansas couple broke up, the man decided that he would abandon the woman’s dog as a means of payback. Setting aside how cruel and sick this is, the poor animal was essentially left stranded in Maryland. In the meantime, the pooch had no way of getting back home. Zimba was eventually found safe and sound in Maryland but was still very much stranded.

The Caroline County Humane Society found him. They were also able to reach his mother. Thankfully, she had outfitted the dog with a microchip. She was happy that Zimba had been found but was unsure as to how she would get him back. He was a long way from home and this was quite the conundrum. She did not know if she would be able to make the trip herself.

The poor woman had too many responsibilities to juggle. Fortunately, there was one special soul who was more than willing to help her and Zimba out. Zach Holt found out about the dog’s plight and as a former employee at Caroline County Humane Society, he felt compelled to help. Once his girlfriend let him know what was going on, he leaped into action right away.

He works on weekends as a bartender and this job allows him to spend a week on the ride if necessary. He took Zimba out onto the road and the two prepared to enjoy their journey. Zach did not ask the woman for anything in return. He wanted to make the trip out of the kindness of his heart. We cannot believe that one man could ever be this selfless.

The Caroline County Humane Society decided to help him pay for the gas by asking for donations on their Facebook page. Once the money was collected, Zach and Zimba were off to the races. We have never seen anything like this. Who else would be willing to make this sort of sacrifice, just to help out someone that they had never even met?

This dynamic duo is enjoying their journey and if you would like to learn more about Zach and Zimba, be sure to check out the link below. There are not many people out there who would drive 2,000 miles to reunite a dog with their rightful owner. This is one man who deserves all of the praise and kudos. We are sure that his mother will be glad to see him!

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