Lunch Lady’s “Talking Bananas” Changes Her Student’s Lives

Certain individuals may have more of an opportunity to inspire people than others. These can include firefighters, doctors, police officers and teachers. They work on a daily basis to improve the futures and to make an important impact on the lives of others.

Teachers seem to have the most pivotal role because they influence the minds of the next generation directly. There are also many others who work behind the scenes, including principals, janitors and the lunch lady.

In one elementary school, the lunch lady is receiving positive recognition worldwide after writing inspiring messages on fruit.

Stacey Truman works as the cafeteria manager at Kingston elementary school in Virginia Beach, Virginia. She has a very busy schedule but every day, she takes a few minutes to provide a morale booster to the children coming through the lunch line. She writes brief, yet encouraging messages on bananas and then serves them to the children at lunch.

Students consider these ‘talking bananas’ to be similar to a fortune cookie. The fruit goes quickly and there is not usually much left at the end of lunch.

The messages include simple statements, such as “You’re smart,” “If at first you don’t succeed try again!,” and “Your future is bright.” The students love it but the staff loves it as well.

Sharon Shewbridge is the school principal and she took note of what was occurring. She is thrilled with the positive effect it is having on the students.

When the principal posted a picture of the bananas on social media, people around the world were quick to give kudos to the lunch lady and her efforts in making an impact on the lives of the students.

“[Truman’s] almost embarrassed about all the attention. She just wanted it to be anonymous. But I said this is so simple and amazing — and it has such an impact on kids,”

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