Picture Of Exhausted Firefighters Resurfaces As California Struggles With WildFires

42 individuals have lost their lives as of Monday morning due to the wildfires that are burning in California. Thousands of homes and businesses have already been destroyed.

Pres. Donald Trump has declared it to be a major disaster and the devastation just continues to be seen.

Approximately 30% of the fires are now contained but they continue to spread more, putting further people at risk.

People are scrambling to save their belongings, families, and pets but at the same time, firefighters are stepping in to do what they can to control the blaze.

California has seen its fair share of issues with fires recently. One of the firefighting crew’s photos has recently reappeared and gone viral. It is a grim reminder that firefighters are real people and are facing a very frightening and exhausting issue.

The picture was shared by the Kern County Fire Department. The sleep-deprived firefighters were taking a break last December during the time that they were battling a wildfire in that county.

This picture is a reminder that these men and women risk their lives in an effort to save individuals. They certainly deserve our appreciation and thanks for all that they do.

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