Make A Fist, Now Look At Your Hand – It Has A Lot To Say About your Personality

Body language tells a lot about someone.  For example, do you stand with your arms across your body? You might be closing people off from approaching you. Well, studies have been done on how you make a fist and what that reveals about your personality.

If you haven’t automatically made a fist (because we are talking about it) make one now. Don’t think about just naturally make a fist.  First, clear your mind by closing your eyes.  Be sure you are just closing your hand into a fist naturally and not forcing it into a certain position.

Now, look at your fist, and check to see where your thumb is positioned.

Is it on top, the side of your fingers, or covered by your other fingers?

If your thumb is on the inside, you are reserved.  You are a person who doesn’t trust people easily.

You find that you quickly feel anxious and unsafe when in new situations, and it demands a lot of time for you to acclimate.

But, once people get to know you they fall in love with your clever humor!

You have don’t rush into making a decision instead you think things through.

Don’t worry you are not alone famous introverts like Isaac Newton and Malala Yousafzai can give you some encouragement.

If your thumb naturally goes to the side, you’re an assertive person. You probably don’t take no for an answer.

You are seen as a leader and someone people can trust. Others may mistake your confidence for arrogance but you know that’s not true.

Som other people you can turn to include leaders like Elon Musk and Abraham Lincoln.

If your thumb lies on top of your other fingers, you’re an enthusiastic person. You always keep an open mind.

People would say you are extremely friendly and have many close friends who enjoy your positive outlook on life.

Some days it’s not easy, but you make the best of it.

People you can look to for inspiration are Oprah Winfrey and Stephen Hawking. 

Where does your thumb go when you make a fist?

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