Rescuers Worked For Nearly A Year To Rescue This Sick, Stray Dog

This story began in September of last year. A woman by the name of Shana had heard about a stray dog that was found spending time in front of a convenience store. The Houston resident knew that she had to try and help. Shana had a humane trap that she planned to use and she expected to corral the dog. When she got closer to the animal, she could tell that their skin was rough.

It was clear to see that the dog had been through some pretty rough times in the past. The stray was accustomed to living on the street. She spent an hour trying to catch the dog that day but the stray simply kept on eluding her. Shana would eventually give up and go home for the night. She returned to the store again and hoped that she could find the dog this time.

This rescue mission was not successful, though. Poor Shana just wanted to help but the stray was not willing to cooperate. She spent months trying to find the dog. Kudos to her for sticking to the plan and refusing to give up on this pup. She is not the sort of person who can forget about a stray animal after she has seen them on the streets.

Shana could not put the dog out of her head. She took to social media to spread the word about Amethyst (the dog’s eventual name). Spreading the word was the only thing she could do because the dog would not come to her, no matter what she tried! Every time someone saw the dog and let her know the whereabouts, the animal would vanish by the time she showed up.

After awhile, she started to believe that the animal may have passed away. At long last, she got the lead that she needed. There was a man who knew exactly where the animal sleeps. Even though the dog was living in an abandoned house in the bad part of town, Shana got there as quickly as she could. She was unable to catch the dog but another dog rescue professional stepped in.

Heather rescued the dog and decided that she would be the foster parent that Amethyst needed. It took five hours of work to snare the dog and she also required a great deal of medical attention. Once she was well again, she went home with Heather and the two enjoy a wonderful life together. Shana is beyond happy with this outcome and believes that Heather is a perfect mom. All’s well that ends well, right?

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