Strangers Can’t Figure Out Boy’s Halloween Costume But The Truth Couldn’t Make Mom Prouder

The process of picking a Halloween costume can be fun for some children. Meanwhile, there are others who will simply select a generic costume because they are only in it for the candy. In some cases, the kids who decide to make their own costumes stand out more. However, there are some who cannot always identify the costume ideas that children come up with.

Their designs are so clever and unique, even the savviest adults are unable to guess what they are. The little boy in this story knew that people would probably not be able to recognize his costume but that did not stop him from choosing it anyways. As long as he loved the costume, that is all that mattered to him. Isn’t that what Halloween is all about?

It is not a holiday that is designed for impressing people, it is about having a good time and engaging in some harmless self expression. When this young man was asked who he wanted to be for Halloween, he had any number of options. His mother inquired as to what his choice would be and the boy provided an answer that is going to make your heart melt.

He did not want to dress up as a superhero or an athlete. He simply wanted to dress up like his father for a day. His father works in a restaurant and does not consider his job to be all that glamorous. He tends to come home smelling like fried food and when he returned home on this fateful day, he had no idea what he was about to walk into.

The boy had finally decided on a Halloween costume and he wanted his old man to know about it. When he let his dad know that he would be the inspiration for this year’s costume, he gave his son a look of total adoration. He was expecting the little boy to choose a Wolverine costume or some other superhero. Little did he know that he was the boy’s hero all along!

Isn’t this the sweetest thing that you have ever heard? What a special little boy. It takes some of us a lifetime to figure out that our fathers are the true heroes and this little guy has already internalized that lesson. No one may have been able to figure out his costume but that did not matter one bit. This is one kid who knows how to appreciate his dad.

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