Man Builds Fence To Keep His Dog In, Unfortunately It Doesn’t Go As Planned

Pet owners are always going to make sure that they are going the extra mile to keep their animals safe. Whether it’s purchasing expensive training lessons or top of the line furniture, we will go above and beyond for our dogs. However, our pets are not always willing to help us when we are trying to help them. They do not like to be placed in confined areas.

Even if we are trying our best to help them, pets have a tough time of understanding the particulars. What seems like a great idea to us could be a prison to them. Dogs like to remain as free as possible. If they are being told that they cannot go somewhere, they view this as an insult. Or they will simply ignore the instructions and carry on with their day.

If you let it up to dogs, we would have no borders or fences. They would be able to do all of the roaming that they want, without having to worry about human interference. Sadly, dogs must be kept on leashes in most contexts. It is the law in most states and it keeps dogs from potentially getting into lots of trouble. rgraves62002 is a YouTuber who recently went through this exact dilemma.

Stella the dog became a member of the family after being found in a local dumpster. She is an energetic dog who loves to run around and play with her loved ones. This man knew that he would have to put up some fences if she was going to remain safe. Stella’s playful nature would get her into trouble otherwise. He was afraid that she would wander off eventually.

There was just one problem. He did not know how high to build the fence because he was unaware of just how high that Stella could jump. By the time he finished the fence, he was very pleased with his handiwork. He was ready to show it off to all of his followers on social media. The narration is priceless and viewers are led to believe that they are seeing a typical “check out my awesome project” video.

Stella had other ideas, though. When she takes off running towards this fence at full force, it is easy to tell what is going to happen next. We are not about to ruin this story for you, though. You will need to watch the video so that you can learn more.

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