Man Buried Alive In The Snow Films The Tearful Moment A Rescue Dog Digs Him Out

Flo the dog has quite the amazing story to tell. She is four years old and the Border Collie works with one of the finest rescue teams in the entire United Kingdom.

The Edale Mountain Rescue Team is happy to have her on board. This dog spent over 100 days in training to learn how to find those who are lost while going for hikes and climbs in the wilderness.

This is an important role that she plays. A recent video of a rescue that she was involved in went viral. The video that you are about to check out already has well over one million views.

The human who is being rescued definitely needed her help. However, the man was not actually in severe danger. He only buried himself as part of the dog’s training exercise.

Flo does not know this, though. This is what makes the video such a compelling watch. She goes to work right away and sets about the task of freeing the man from his icy makeshift prison.

As you might have expected, Flo was able to pass her test with flying colors. It did not take long for her to successfully remove the man from the snowy jail that he found himself in.

Even though the man volunteered for the job, it is easy to see why the task would be intimidating. What happens if the dog is unable to dig him out?

All he could do at that point was hope that Flo was able to save him. This is the same sort of predicament that lost hikers and climbers tend to fend themselves in. This makes the Edale Mountain Rescue Team very important.

They have the ability to keep climbers and hikers from being caught in potentially deadly situations. The video is shot from a very interesting perspective.

It allows the viewer to place themselves in the shoes of the lost hikers. They are able to see what it is like for someone who is trapped in the snow and forced to rely on the kindness of strangers….or dogs, as it were.

This rescue dog is definitely one of the best diggers that we have ever seen. The good folks with the Edale Mountain Rescue Team have certainly trained her well and we commend them for all of their hard work.

Training a dog to handle a task this complex is not always easy. Flo just so happens to make the difficult seem simple. Please pass this story along to your closest friends and loved ones.

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