At This Hotel In Aspen, An Adorable Bernese Mountain Dog Will Come and Tuck You In At Night

Vacations are a lot of fun. They allow us to head to places we have never been and enjoy experiences that we have never had. The hotel in this story definitely falls into the category and we are going to visit as soon as possible. Aspen visitors will definitely want to read on and learn more about this hotel before they potentially miss out on a life changing experience.

One of the few downsides to traveling is that we are not always able to bring our animals with us. This hotel is looking to eliminate all of these concerns entirely. The St. Regis Aspen Resort is for the luxury traveler but we are going to be saving our pennies until we can afford to head to this location. Just wait until you see what is in store for you here.

The custom leather beds and marble bathrooms are just a start. The true perk? Each guest gets their very own dog. Kitty Jacob Astor IV resides here and he is a great friend to all who stop by. John Jacob Astor IV is the owner of the hotel and the dog is named in his honor. After Kitty was born, the hotel decided that the pup would live there for as long as they liked.

The guests are more than happy to see him. He even has his own Instagram page and we cannot get enough of his photos. He wishes guests goodnight, assists during story time and will even tuck you in at night. The hotel also allows guests to bring their own pets with them and this makes life easier for those who are not looking to leave their beloved animals behind.

There are fees that need to be paid but nothing is too good for our pets. Even those who decide to bring multiple pets with them will not have to worry. The fees are one time only. You can bring as many pets as you want. The hotel also offers various amenities that are designed to make your dog’s stay even more luxurious. They have truly thought of everything.

The hotel will watch your pet for you, so that you can head out without them for a little while. If you are someone who is looking for the perfect location to visit with your pets, this is the prime hotel for you. Please be sure to pass this one along to your friends and loved ones.

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