‘Britain’s Ugliest Dog’ Has Died Aged 16

This dog was once dubbed as the ugliest in all of England and the news that he has passed on is spreading like wildfire. Chase the dog was able to live until the ripe old age of 16, though. The Chinese crested mix became more well known to the rest of the world after his high placement in a unique competition. He came in second at the California’s World’s Ugliest Dog Competition.

He walked like a crab and cataracts had robbed him of his usual eye color. One of the eyes had turned into a milky color. Even the dog’s hair was unusual. He could not grow hair on his body. Storm Shayler says that the dog died peacefully. He developed pancreatitis and passed away shortly thereafter. Storm also says that his true beauty was on the inside.

Chase had a wonderful personality. His mother says that they went everywhere together. He loved all of the people that he met along the way, too. They loved him right back, too…in spite of his unique appearance. Storm was stunned when Chase happened to do well in the ugly dog competition. She says that she was totally “gobsmacked” by his level of placement.

After all, mothers are the ones who are always able to see the true beauty in their son. The old saying about having a face that could only be loved by a mother just might have applied to our pal Chase here. He knew how to make lemonade out of lemons as well. When he received his trophy for being one of the ugliest dogs in the competition, he was not at all upset.

He was simply happy to be receiving some much wanted attention! This is one dog that knew how to handle the hard times that life threw his way. Storm says that the dog remained a joy throughout the entirety of their time together. According to her, she cuddled him during his final hours and he was given the chance to slip away in a peaceful manner. He experienced no pain.

She is going to miss him very much and we fully understand where she is coming from on this one. It is always sad to say goodbye to a beloved pet, even if they are considered to be one of the most ugly creatures in the world. Storm was able to appreciate the true beauty that he possessed within and we would like to send her our deepest condolences.

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