Puppy drags her new blanket outside to share it with a cold homeless dog

Whenever we start to feel like society is going downhill, we can look to our friends in the animal kingdom to see that things are actually not so bad after all. Take the dog in this story, for instance. Lana is a puppy who hails from Brazil. She knows that she is very fortunate, unlike most of the puppies that roam the local streets in search of a home.

She has already found herself a forever home and does not have to spend any more time looking for one. Suelen Schaumloeffel was more than happy to take her in. Now, Lana lives with her and her partner. It would be easy for Lana to start living in the lap of luxury and forget about the other dogs out there. This is not her style, though. She is a truly caring animal.

This is one dog that refuses to forget where she came from. We love her so much for that. She has not forgotten what it is like for the other stray dogs who still find themselves living outdoors. These animals are still exposed to the elements each day. When Suelen offered Lana a nice blanket to use in her doghouse, she never could have expected what would happen next.

While Lana was getting snuggled up inside of her doghouse, she happened to see another dog outside. She knew that the animal had to be chilly. Instead of remaining cozy inside, she decided that she had to help. Can you believe that Lana actually took the time and energy to drag the blanket outside? She wanted to make sure that the stray remained nice and warm.

Suelen could not believe her eyes, either. She was very taken aback by the scene that unfolded in front of her that day. This doggy mother tried her best to help the stray when he came back around. Unfortunately, the dog would not even allow anyone else to get close to him. He would simply run away every single time Suelen and her partner tried to call out to him.

While we do hope that the stray dog in this story is able to find their own forever home very soon, we are still very glad to see Lana pitching in to help out. This is one pup that is more than happy to help out as much as possible. What a good little Samaritan she is!

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