Man Shares Time Lapse Video After Traveling The World And Not Shaving His Beard For 900 Days

A man by the name of Jon and his Russian wife, Eva had the opportunity to travel the world for three years and to visit some 33 different countries. During the time that they were gone, he allowed his beard to grow and they decided to document it in a time-lapse video.

Jon’s face was clean-shaven when they started but by the end, he had a 15-inch long beard. You can see the entire transformation in this video.

The Canadian did more than video the transformation, he also kept a record of his wife’s reaction when he shared the transformation. She said: “it’s like we went back in time three years!”

It took eight months worth of savings to get ready for the big trip. He said: “It seems like this beard video will help us out a lot, as we’ve gotten about 200,000 views in the last day.

We visited 33 countries almost exclusively by hitchhiking and staying with locals for free. We got back to Moscow on February 28, 2018.’

They hitchhiked in many countries, including Russia, Vietnam, China, India, Africa, Thailand, and the Americas.

They begin in Russia on September 2, 2015, and the razor did not touch his face until after the trip was over.

There has been a lot of reaction to the time lapse beard video with millions of views on their YouTube channel. This is one of the first English language videos they made. They have already made about 300 videos in Russian.

One of the only times they ran into trouble on their trip was when they were hitchhiking in the United States and received a fine. It happened one year and seven months into their travels and ended up being $565.50 out of their pocket.

Prior to that, they were considering buying a car in Phoenix to drive around the country.

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