Man Spots Giant Spider Crawling Up His Fridge, Then Sees What It’s Carrying

When it comes to yucky insects, there are few things worse than a gigantic spider. Who honestly likes to see one? We do not want to spend a single moment with these weirdos. Whenever we see one, we start to get all itchy and twitchy. They are gross to look at and stomping them out of existence gives us a perverse sense of satisfaction. There, we said it.

This is a common fear. Arachnophobia is one of the most commonly reported fears and actually ranks number two after the fear of heights. The man in this story decided that he was going to ruin everyone’s day by taking the time to share some highly disturbing spider related footage. The spider that he ran into at his neighbor’s place simply had to be documented.

Jason was on his away to work one day when the neighbor asked him if he wanted to come check out “something cool”. Like any sane person, he decided that he had to drop by and see for himself. As it turns out, this man’s definition of “cool” differs from ours completely but this is another story for another time. What Jason saw will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

When he arrived, he saw a spider that had essentially taken over the home. The insect was strong enough to carry an entire mouse! The spider was even dragging the mouse upwards. Yep, this is the stuff that nightmares are made of for sure. We are not going to be able to sleep tonight without having someone come over to check our closets for monsters.

It seems as if the mouse was already dead by the time the spider found it but this is still impressive (in a frightening way). Who knew that these insects possessed this type of strength? Jason has even adopted the spider and named him Hermie. If you ask us, he is probably just sucking up to the spider so that the beast will allow him to keep living in his own home.

This particular spider is known as a huntsman. They tend to enjoy warmer climates. These spiders are also frequently found in wooded areas. Instead of spinning webs, the huntsman likes to ambush their prey. How horrible is that mental image? If you want to see the video, click the link below and try your best not to scream and shout.

So I am just about to leave for work about 0030 and me neighbour says "You want to see something cool" and I say "Hell yeah". So we proceed to his place and he shows me this. Huntsman trying to eat a mouse. For Licensing/usage, please contact

Posted by Jason Womal on Saturday, October 22, 2016

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