Rescue Dog Wears The Most Adorable Paddington Bear Costume For Halloween

Seeing dogs dressed up in Halloween costumes is one of our favorite aspects of the season. Who doesn’t like to see a dog wearing an adorable costume? You would need to have a cold, blackened heart not to appreciate some of the costumes that dog owners are able to cook up. Who knows, though? Maybe the dogs have more say than we realize on the matter.

Bertram the Pomeranian is here to win our hearts with his costume and we simply cannot get over how good it is. He was adopted from an Oklahoma shelter and lights up the life of anyone that he meets. His mother decided that she would share his Paddington costume with the world a little bit early and we are definitely glad that she decided to do so.

Dog lovers everywhere will definitely want to share this one with a much wider audience. We know we are surely going to. Bertram is just another shining example of the joy that shelter dogs are able to bring into our lives. He is lighting up Instagram (and the lives of everyone that he meets). Of course, the photo went viral right away.

Bertram has even become a bit of celebrity in his own right. He got the invite to visit Rachael Ray’s show and we sure do hope that she provided him with some doggy friendly, yummy treats. Bertram is a dog who likes to look his best and this is actually not the first time that he has dressed up. The dapper pup will even rock a bow tie.

While he can pull off a great outfit, that does not stop Bertram from having lots of fun outdoor adventures as well. He is a dog of multitudes and you cannot place him into one of your neat little boxes! We hope that our pal Bertram is able to keep strutting his stuff for years to come. Shelter dogs deserve the chance to shine, too, after all.

Would you like to see the dog in costume yourself? Be sure to check out the video below. If you would like to experience the same joy as this dog owner, perhaps it is time that you visited the local shelter to find out more. There are lots and lots of Bertrams out there who are in need of a loving home. Please share this story to spread awareness.

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