Man Stops To Help Kitten In Road, Soon Realizes Her Feet Are Glued To The Ground

Chuck Hawley is from Oregon and he’s just like the rest of us. When he was heading off to work one Friday morning, he was probably looking forward to rest and relaxation on the weekend. However, he came across one of the saddest sights that he had ever seen on his morning commute. This commute was more stressful than most of his drives, for sure.

He noticed that there was something lingering in the middle of the road. At first, he assumed that it was just an old box of some kind. After all, no one would ever abandon a living creature like this. Once he got closer, he realized what was taking place. There was a kitten in the road! Luckily, this poor cat had somehow managed to avoid getting hit by a car.

Chuck knew that the animal’s luck would run out eventually. He was not going to allow the kitten to linger in this high traffic area. When he stopped to snatch up the kitten, he came to a horrifying realization. The cat was actually stuck to the road! Why would someone ever do something so terrible? We cannot believe that people could ever treat an innocent animal this cruelly.

He peeled the animal off of the road and was able to save her from an unspeakable tragedy. The kitten also had puncture wounds that needed to be taken care of. He took her to an animal sanctuary and they removed all of the rubber cement that had been applied to her paws. Chuck decided that he would adopt her. He even came up with the perfect name: Sticky the Kitty.

Sticky never would have survived this ordeal without him. She is appreciative to her new dad. Sticky made a complete recovery, thanks to Chuck’s quick thinking. We wish that the people who were responsible for her predicament would be brought to justice, though. This type of behavior cannot and should not be tolerated for any reason.

We are glad to see her and Chuck together. While she may not have been treated very kindly in the past, she is enjoying her new forever home. Every cloud comes with its very own silver lining and this is something that Sticky knows all too well. Please take a moment to share this awesome story with your friends and loved ones. We hope that Sticky the Kitty and Chuck are very happy together!

h/t: Happiest

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