Man Walking In The Woods Finds A Tombstone With The Sweetest Message On It

Sid Saunders was in the midst of a walk through a wooded area in England when he nearly took a nasty spill. He had sidestepped a puddle and almost face planted in the process. When you find out what he tripped over, you will be absolutely stunned. Initially, Sid believed that he had stumbled over a sizable rock but further inspection proved otherwise.

The “rock” was actually a small tombstone. The tombstone was covered almost completely by moss and that made it difficult for Sid to tell what he had almost stepped on. The grave was rather filthy. It was clear to see that no one had tended to it in some time. Sid decided that he needed to take a closer look. What he found shocked him to his very core.

The headstone was not actually a person’s and it had been in these woods for 130 years. Sid did not have the time to fully investigate the matter and he came back the next day to clean up the stone. He also wanted to learn more about who was buried there. Once he had a chance to remove all of the moss, he was stunned by what he found.

The grave belonged to a very special pet. A family had lost their pet rabbit many moons ago and this is the location that they chose for burial. The animal passed away back in 1882! Duchie was his name and his family laid him to rest after 13 years of life. At first, Sid was under the impression that the grave belonged to a dog or cat.

We are sure he was stunned to learn that this grave has been in existence for over 100 years. This is one rabbit who got to see the best of things while he was alive. It is believed that Duchie lived on a private estate on the land where Sid first discovered the grave. This area of the forest is now known to the world as Marline Wood.

There is a lot that we do not know about this rabbit’s life and this story has made us eager to learn. Thanks to Sid’s kindness, this rabbit’s story can be told once more. As you can see, no one ever really passes away. We just need to find helpful ways to keep their memories alive. Kudos to Duchie’s family for taking the time to do so.

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