Stray Puppy Falls From The Sky After Hawk Tries To Fly Away

This story took place in Texas, where a couple of construction workers were minding their own business. All of a sudden, they heard a disconcerting sound. From the sounds of it, a puppy was crying off in the distance. The workers were not about to leave the animal hanging. They searched high and low for the puppy but they could not actually find anything.

At long last, they came to an amazing realization. The dog was actually somewhere above their heads. What they saw was absolutely stunning. A hawk had somehow gotten their talons on the dog. The bird was doing their absolute best to fly away with the poor little pup. We cannot even begin to imagine just how scared this little fellow must have been.

The hawk was no longer able to carry the puppy and let the animal go. Fortunately, the construction workers had seen what was going on. They were ready to help out. The puppy hit the ground hard but the workers were right there to assist the pooch. They rushed him to the vet’s office and crossed their fingers that he was going to be all right.

Austin Animal Center took him in. Since the dog did not have a microchip, he would need a place to stay in the meantime. The shelter workers were stunned that the dog was even still alive. How could this animal have possibly survived such a massive fall? They dubbed him the “Miracle Puppy” and this is definitely an apt moniker for this amazing animal.

There are not many puppies that could have survived a hawk attack but the Miracle Puppy is no ordinary dog. He may have been through a lot but he is already making friends with all of the other animals at his shelter. He just wants pals to hang out. He also loves hugs and kisses. After everything he’s seen, our pal simply wants to love and to be loved.

Tony Hawk is the miracle puppy’s new name and this is perfect. Who else could survive a massive fall and still come out of it being kind and gentle to everyone he meets? Once his recovery is complete, the shelter will set about the task of making sure that he has a forever family to call his own. If you would like to provide assistance to this shelter, be sure to visit the Austin Animal Center website as soon as possible.

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