Woman Finds Abandoned Dog Crying Outside Empty House

Diana Chapa heard the telltale signs of someone crying and decided that she needed to help. This Houston woman ended up with one heck of a story to tell as a result. She followed the noise until she came upon a fence. She took a closer look and peered through the gap. What she found will absolutely stun you. An emaciated dog was staring back at her.

The animal had clearly been through a lot. The pooch had nothing to eat and no place to stay. He was without a proper home because he had been abandoned several years ago. Animal Control was contacted but according to Diana, they never came. It took a few more days of waiting before she was finally ready to make the decision that would change her life.

She popped the gate of the abandoned home open and rescued him from the terrible conditions he was trapped in. As you may have imagined, he was very relieved. He did not know if anyone would ever bother to come for him. Diana renamed the dog Joshua and gave him lots of food and water. It had been so long since the dog had received any sort of regular sustenance.

Joshua knew that his days of suffering were over. Diana had rescued him from danger and given him the chance to start a new life. Diana believes that this dog has spent his entire life outside. His old family forced him to stay outside on the patio and he never had a chance to enjoy anything more. He would need to see a vet soon, though.

Luckily, Diana works at a local vet’s office as a tech and could provide Joshua with the help he needed. He was so happy to be helped. In fact, Diana says he was nearly as happy at the vet’s office as he was at home. This is one dog who is appreciative for the opportunities he’s received. He is receiving more treatment and will be released very soon.

Once he is healthy enough to be released from the vet’s office, he will have the chance to spend some time with the good folks at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. From there, Joshua is going to be provided with the opportunity to seek a forever home. If you would like to submit your own application for adoption, be sure to contact the rescue group and let them know more.

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