Man’s Genius Invention Is Saving Thousands Of Small Animals From Drowning In Pools

Swimming pools are a wonderful addition to any home during the summer months. Having a cool place to relax with friends and loved ones is key. Unfortunately, pools do not always offer the protection and safety that we need. This is where helpful inventors come in handy. Small animals who spend time around pools need to be protected as much as possible.

Thanks to the invention of one special man, these animals are about to receive all of the protection that they have been lacking. Rich Mason was tired of seeing all of his friends and loved ones struggling to keep their pools safe from local animals. As a wildlife biologist, he is also concerned about the many amphibians that make their way into everyone’s swimming pools.

He woke up one morning and found that there were over 50 frogs and toads trapped in his pool. Rich took the time to speak to friends and found that he was not the only one who was experiencing this issue. Moles, mice, baby birds, chipmunks, bats, squirrels and a wide range of other animals find themselves trapped inside of the swimming pools that we love so dearly.

These animals are left without a chance. Rich decided to create the FrogLog. This is a ramp that floats inside of the pool and allows the frogs to pull themselves back out of the water as needed. It took a great deal of product research and development to bring this awesome idea to life. All of the work that he put in will now be instrumental when it comes to saving the lives of small animals.

A Canadian woman decided to try the product. She was initially skeptical. However, she was swayed once she saw a baby Eastern fox snake utilizing the FrogLog to get out of the pool. In her words, the snake is protected under Ontario’s Endangered Species Act and she simply wanted to thank Rich for making sure that these animals can continue to live on.

This invention is a smash hit and for good reason. We cannot wait to pass this one along to all the pool owners that we know. If you are tired of watching your swimming pool become an unnecessary hazard year after year, please be sure to take a closer look at the FrogLog. To learn more about all of the ways that the FrogLog can assist you, take a moment to check out the video below.

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