Man’s Roomba Runs Over A Pile Of Dog Poop And Smears It Everywhere

When we have dogs, there are going to be times when accidents occur. When we walk into a room with one of those accidents it tends to hit the senses, first attacking our sense of smell and then attacking our sense of sight.

I don’t know any pet owners who haven’t experienced this in some way or another. Perhaps they have even stepped in it as they stumbled through the house at night. We can all feel a little bit better about those experiences, however, thanks to a man who managed to have a run-in with a pile of dog poo and his robotic vacuum.

Ryan Landy made the same decision that many of us made, to purchase a Roomba. It was his desire to sit back and allow the robotic vacuum to take care of the housework for him. Little did he know that it would be a decision he would eventually regret.

He walked into the kitchen and saw that his dog had had an accident, but the robotic vacuum had an accident as well. It hit the pile of poo and continued going, smearing it all over the floor in a scene that is straight out of one of our worst nightmares.

Can you imagine how you would feel if you walked into this type of horror?

My new Roomba ran over my dog’s shit and proceeded to “clean” the rest of my house. I’m going to need therapy.Go follow my movie Instagram: @rylanfilms I follow back!!

Posted by Ryan Landy on Sunday, July 14, 2019

It didn’t take long before he started to piece things together. Not only was he dealing with a floor that needed to be cleaned, he had a little vacuum cleaner that was in bad shape as well.

Ryan lives in Coral Springs, Florida and he was good enough to share pictures of what happened on Facebook. Honestly, I’m not sure if he’s ever going to be using the Roomba again.

After sharing it on Facebook, he went over to Reddit for a more detailed explanation. It seems as if he had recently rescued a dog and the dog wasn’t ‘fully trained’.

Ryan also said he left the robotic vacuum in the room with the door closed but the dog must have snuck off to a more private location to do his business.

It might surprise you that this happens more often than you would think. In fact, a spokesman for iRobot even said:

“Quite honestly, we see this a lot.

We generally tell people to try not to schedule your vacuum if you know you have dogs that may create such a mess. With animals anything can happen.”

I guess we can all learn something from this experience. It’s not the dog’s fault, not the owner’s fault and not the vacuum’s fault. It’s just one of those things that happen when the poo hits the floor.

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