Rescuer Thinks She Rescued One Dog, Unknowingly Saves Five More

Gemma is a beautiful white German shepherd who was turned over to a shelter after she got sick. Her former owners did not want to take care of her. One of the volunteers at the shelter that day was Jolene, and she knew the dog was in pain. Gemma was suffering from Demodectic Mange, a painful skin condition that is treatable.

Jolene volunteers at the local shelter but she also works as an adoption counselor at St. Bonnie Sanctuary. That sanctuary is an animal rescue operation in Canyon County. She was able to arrange for a rescue of Gemma.

It took some time but eventually, the German Shepherd was able to heal and began to gain weight. The problem was, Gemma was gaining too much weight and they discovered she was pregnant before she had been dropped off at the shelter. In her attempt to save one life, Jolene had actually saved six lives.

Five healthy puppies were born from Gemma and they were all adopted while the mange treatments continued. It wasn’t long before Gemma was also in her forever home. You can watch her journey from being a rejected animal to a lovely and well-loved German Shepherd.

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