Marathon Where Runners Drink Wine And Eat Cheese Along The Way

We all know that running is healthy but that doesn’t make it any easier to do. Many of us struggle to fit it into our exercise routine, not only because of the difficulty but because it can be rather boring.

If you tend to fit into that category, would like to introduce you to the best reason why you should start running. It is the ‘wine and cheese marathon’.

The thought of running a marathon is not necessarily something that you would ever consider if you don’t enjoy running. In France, however, the Marathon du Medoc provides runners with the opportunity to gorge themselves on as much wine and cheese as they want along the route.

The marathon winds its ways through picturesque vineyards and estates, including some beautiful vistas of ancient castles.

Along the route, you would probably expect to find some stations where you can hydrate with water. They are also available but you might also want to stop by the occasional spot where you can take advantage of some wine tasting and cheese sampling.

If wine and cheese don’t happen to be your choice for refreshments, perhaps you would like some local grapes, ice cream or oysters that may be available as well.

This may not be the most traditional marathon but there is something that will help to push it in that direction; fancy dress.

Thousands of people show up for the Marathon du Medoc every year wearing their best costumes. They could come dressed as a bottle of wine, a Viking or perhaps even an alien. It isn’t about the theme, it is about the fun and if you are voted in as the best-dressed, you can go home with a prize.

You don’t need to be in a rush as you complete the marathon. You have 6 1/2 hours from the starting gate until the finish line to complete the ‘race’. That is enough time for amateurs to take in some scenery and enjoy some wine along the way.

If you are thinking that this may be something you enjoy, there is one thing for you to keep in mind. It is a literal marathon, 26.2 miles of distance from start to finish. You can do it but you might not want to sample the wine too frequently along the way if you plan on actually finishing.

The wine is an enjoyable part of the race but it is not the only reason to enter. The Southwest part of the country, which is where the marathon takes place is beautiful, historic and there is plenty to enjoy along the way. This would even include some live bands that would perform as you are running (or walking) by.

If you are in it to win it, there is a prize available. Both the male and female winners will be given their weight in Medoc and the first three in each category will go home with a case of fine wine.

Are you ready to run? The race is set to begin on September 7.

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