Marie Kondo Shares Time-Saving ‘KonMari Method’ To Pack A Suitcase For A Trip

“Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” is one of Netflix’s latest crazes. And I’ll admit, I’ve already binged my way through the first season. She’s so impassioned about transforming the chaos that it’s addicting to watch, and can even serve as motivation to finally clean out the storage closet you’ve been avoiding.

When people think space organization, thoughts immediately gravitate towards the home environment. And while that’s great to keep your home in order, there is another part of our lives that can sometimes be a little chaotic: travel. Nowadays the rigmarole for check bags on airlines is such a pain, it would be a lot easier to just fit everything needed for a trip into one carry-on bag. Surprisingly, with the KonMari method of organization, you can easily achieve that goal. If you’re already using the KonMari way of folding clothes, then you’ve basically got it down. If you don’t know what the KonMari folding technique is, watch the video below:

The idea is to fold everything into a neat little square that you can then store vertically in your drawers. The reason for the vertical storage as opposed to horizontally, is so you can immediately see what you’ve got. It saves time and sanity not having to rummage through and pull things out. It’s efficient. When you apply this practice to packing for a trip you’re basically eliminating the temptation to overpack, as well as reducing the risk of your suitcase exploding all over the hotel room because you’re trying to find a t-shirt.

Another important practice of Kondo’s is to only keep the items that “spark joy” when you hold them. This idea of sparking joy can also be quite helpful when packing for a trip because it makes you really think about which clothes you’ll actually want to wear. There is no point packing something you don’t even wear at home. Suitcase space is like prime real estate: always in demand. Don’t waste it, instead save it for souvenirs.

Watch the video below to see how effortlessly easy Kondo finds the spare room inside a messy and disorganized suitcase. Her organization tips are simple enough that anyone can use them to pack for their next vacation.

Who’s actually excited to pack for their next adventure?

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