After mom almost dies, 18-year-old invents bra that could save millions of women’s lives

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, their lives are affected and so are the lives of all their friends and family members. Julian was just 13 years old when his mother received a cancer diagnosis and while he was able to shoulder the burden the first time, news of a second diagnosis hit the young man very hard. He decided to take an important step towards making sure that other families would not have to worry in the same manner that he did.

Julian is now 18 years of age and he has come up with an invention that could change the entire landscape of medical diagnosis. Higia Technologies has been formed with three of Julian’s friends and their objective is a rather simple one. They’ve developed a bra that is designed to catch cancer in its earliest of stages and allow families to prepare themselves accordingly.

Breast cancer is a disease that can strike quickly and early detection is a key aspect of recovery. While Julian’s mother lost both of her breasts as a result of her struggle with cancer, she was able to escape this trying ordeal with her life fully intact. Since Julian saw firsthand what could happen if a diagnosis arrived too late, he knew how important it was to come up with an invention that could stem the breast cancer tide.

His mother’s pain and suffering was all of the motivation that he needed. The “auto exploration” bra includes over 200 sensors that are designed to detect subtle changes in the breasts. When Julian and his friends entered the bra in the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards, they received a $20,000 grant to continue development on the bra.

The bra is to be worn for 60 to 90 minutes each week and can detect changes in the temperature, color and texture of the breasts. Tumors alter the blood flow and the bra is designed to notice the changes that take place as a result. The information is then sent to an app and if changes need to be made, women are alerted by their chosen medical professional before it becomes too late.

While it remains to be seen if this bra will receive a more widespread release, the hard work that Julian and his pals have put in must be commended. Please share this amazing story with your closest friends and family members as soon as possible.

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