Mom Gets Criticized Over Son’s Zombie Cake Photo Shoot, Reveals Heartbreaking Reason She Did It

A child’s 1st birthday is usually celebrated with clowns, a fun character cake, pictures, other children and cute activities for little ones. The kiddo won’t remember the day, but the adults will. One mother in Australia received loads of backlash for the specific theme she chose to use for her little boy’s 1st birthday.

Image credits: Amanda Queen Photography

Phoenix turned 1 and his mother, Amy Louise posted pictures of her little man smiling into the camera. Why are the pics so controversial? The theme for Phoenix’s party was a spooky zombie theme. People online were horrified that Amy would throw her little boy such a morbid, disgusting, and such an offensive party.

Image credits: Amanda Queen Photography

There is a reason behind Amy’s choice. Though she wasn’t obligated to explain, she did so because of the negative responses to her photos. When you learn why Amy chose this theme, you’ll understand, and once you do, it’ll break your heart.

“I got called disgusting, morbid and offensive to mothers who had lost their babies. I was accused of making fun or making light of a tragedy and being an insensitive person”

“I got told I was a bad mother, that I was going to damage his mental health, that I would make him sick eating that cake off the dirt.”

One mom even said: “I wish you had lost your son because then maybe you would have known how this feels.”

Image credits: Amanda Queen Photography

“From the time the doctors told me my placenta had detached and there was no heartbeat, to the time  they cut him out was such a whirlwind of emotion.”

“I knew he was dead I knew he was gone.”

Image credits: Amanda Queen Photography

The impossible happened – something so incredible and unexpected, it made Amy’s heart leap with joy. After 13 minutes of having no heartbeat, Phoenix had a pulse.

“What better than a zombie-themed cake smash for the tiny baby boy who was pronounced dead and then  miraculously came to life on Halloween.”

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