Girl Buys Face Paint To Test Out For Her Halloween Costume, Ends Up Having A Terrible Reaction

This is the story of a woman who attempted to conduct a Halloween face paint experiment with disastrous results. When the paint did not come off after it was used, she took to social media to issue threats of a lawsuit against the company responsible for selling it to her. Palmer Paint Products was the subject of her threat and while she may have thought she had a brilliant idea for a quick payday, denizens of the Internet are laughing at her stupidity.

It is important to read the warning labels of any product that we rely upon and we should probably also stop covering our entire faces in paint. This woman decided to put poster paint all over her face in a feeble attempt to fleece a company out of money, as opposed to reading the label that states it is for poster only. She was definitely asking for trouble and she’s found it.

The paint is washable, but that does not mean that it is made for usage on a human face. Sane people everywhere know that this paint is created to be utilized for theater backdrops. Art students are also no stranger to this paint and the fact that a fully grown woman would intentionally make a mistake this foolish in hopes of garnering a settlement is patently ridiculous.

Perhaps this company needs to add a different warning for people like Leah. While there are some who might believe that she was actually trying to paint her face, she is either someone who thought that they were going to file a lawsuit as soon as they made the purchase or she is a very foolish person. This is a classic “take your pick” scenario.

She claims that she was merely “testing” the product to see just how washable it is and we are highly skeptical of this dubious claim. Leah is claiming that the bottle’s claim that it washes off skin easily applies to face painting but to paraphrase the words of one Twitter user, even a nine year old knows that this is not to be taken literally.

The paint is meant to be washed off easily if you make a mistake and end up with a splash or two on your arms. It is not meant to be washed off easily when you cover your entire face with it. This woman’s willingness to torture herself for some re-tweets and a possible chance at a lawsuit is utterly ridiculous and we hope that she does not receive a red cent for this bizarre stunt.

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