Mom Punishes Her Son By Making Him Wear ‘Bully’ Shirt After He Called Other Kids Names

Bullying is a problem that happens in schools every single day. When a Texas mother found out that her son was taking part in it, however, she took matters into her own hands.

The mom, Star, made her son wear a T-shirt that had “I am a bully” written on the front. She used it as a form of punishment when she found out that her son was calling other children an idiot and stupid.

Her son then wore the ‘bully shirt’ to school and Star shared pictures of him on her Facebook page. She received a lot of mom shaming for it so she removed the pictures.

“I’m a very old-school parent,” Star told news outlets. “I don’t coddle my children. I don’t sugar coat the world to them.”

Even though some parents gave her negative feedback, Star feels that she did the right thing.

“I wanted to know what he learned from it and he said, ‘I learned that I didn’t like the way that that felt and I don’t want anybody else to feel that way because of me,’” Star said. “That’s exactly what I wanted him to take from it.”

Dr. Richard Pesikoff, a child psychiatrist, doesn’t agree with her assessment of the situation. He feels that it could have caused more damage to her son than the good it may have done.

“Not a good idea to embarrass your child and solidify a negative identity in an elementary school child,” said Dr. Pesikoff.

“She needs to find somebody to help her and I think the school is one resource.”

Star still has the backing of the school counselor and her son’s teachers for this unusual strategy. You can see more in this video:

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