Couple’s Newborn Passes Away – 4 Days Later A Call From Hospital Turns Their World Upside Down

Like many new parents, Katie and Josh Butler were excited about the birth of their new child.

This couple, from Nashville Tennessee, went in for a 20-week routine checkup and doctors found that there was a problem. When the ultrasound was taken, the baby’s development became a concern and serious risks were involved.

Their son, Dewey, was born but soon was swept away to the NICU as doctors worked to save his life from an unknown problem. After 132 days, Dewey was receiving a routine operation to give him a feeding tube and he passed away.

Josh and Katie were beside themselves with grief. Little did they know that something else was in the works just one floor above them in the hospital that would change their world.

Katie and Josh received a call from the nurse at the NICU who was close to them one day. They were surprised when the phone rang.

The nurse remembered that the Butlers had talked about fostering children and a young baby boy, named Brax, was now on the fifth floor of the hospital.

Brax had chronic respiratory failure, pulmonary hypertension and tracheomalacia. He was not able to leave the hospital for 11 months as he was attached to a trach-vent. His parents could not care for him and had abandoned him but doctors believe that he would improve as he grew.

When Katie and Josh met Brax, they knew in their hearts what must be done. They took the young boy home and fostered him. He became a part of their loving family from that moment. Over time, his condition began to improve steadily.

Being around the love and care that his foster parents provided helped him to heal.

Katie and Josh adopted Brax in September 2017. They still miss Dewey and feel the loss but they are glad that he is not suffering. They also understand that through his loss they gained someone who had a need for them.

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