Mom Reacts To Gifted Teddy Bear With A Recording Of Her Son Who Recently Passed Away

This is the type of story that you may want to wait to read. If you do not want your coworkers to see you in the midst of an ugly cry, bookmark this and wait until you get home. Don’t say that you have not been warned. Christmas is the time of year when we are all able to get together with our friends and loved ones and that is what makes it so special.

But what about those who have lost the ones they care about most? The holiday season is particularly tough on them. There is no greater loss than when a parent is forced to bury a child. The first holiday season without a son or daughter who has moved onto a better place is never easy. When Brittany’s brother Sean passed away during the fall, it was a sad moment for the whole family.

Brittany struggled to deal with her grief but she knew that Christmas was going to be especially challenging for her mother. She came up with the perfect gift idea for her mother and when you see her open the present, you will have a hard time maintaining your composure. This is one of the most thoughtful gifts that we have ever seen in our life.

Her son was a police officer and Brittany had gotten her a teddy bear in full uniform. This would have been sweet enough by itself but Brittany had gone the extra mile to make this gift a special one. There was a button on the bear’s paw for her mother to push. When she pressed the button, the most amazing thing happened: she was able to hear her son’s voice again.

The video went viral immediately and even the snark factory that is Twitter rallied around the grieving mother. It is important to note that Sean did not die while he was in the line of duty. This does not make the loss any less tragic for his loved ones, however. Some people tried to drum up outrage over the gift, saying that it was ‘offensive’.

How can people be this dense? While there are some people who might be hurt by hearing the voice of a fallen loved one, Brittany’s mother loved the gift. Maybe some of these busybodies should just keep their hot takes to themselves? Please be sure to pass this touching video along.

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