Mom Sees How Ex’s New Girlfriend Treats Her Daughter And Decides To Speak Up

Co-parenting is becoming very common these days. When a couple decides they will share a child, even though they are not going to be together, there are likely to be some uncomfortable moments. It is especially true when one of the parents begins to date someone else. The children won’t likely have an issue with it but when you see your ex dating someone else, it can be difficult. That is especially true when they are acting like the parent to your child.

Audrey Loving and Corey Henry met when they were 18, got engaged and had a daughter, Riley. Audrey and Henry eventually called off their relationship for various reasons and Audrey had full custody of Riley at that point. Henry still has contact with Riley and they have a good relationship but when he started dating again, the potential for problems became evident.

Audrey also comes from a blended family so she knew how important it was to stay civil for the young one’s sake. When she saw how good the new girlfriend was was Riley, she had to speak up.

“This is my daughters fathers girlfriend. The sweetest thing ever! I’m super thankful for her because when she visits her dad she feeds her, takes care of her, buys her gifts, and basically takes care of her like her own. Why do all these moms act so spiteful and jealous towards the other women?

NOONE said it was easy trying to be a mother to a kid you didn’t have. So when there is someone trying, don’t push them away! Because they DON’T need the drama they WILL leave and then you’re stuck with someone who is the evil step mom.

Yes they exist! I see them everywhere! A kid can have two moms because in my eyes the more people that love her I’m happy! I would never make her feel like an outsider; I’m extremely thankful for this girl. ❤️❤️❤️

Ladies, grow up and focus on being a good mom. Love more hate less!

When Audrey posted this, she was met with quite the reception. People were applauding her for welcoming the new woman into her daughter’s life and the post was shared tens of thousands of times. It also had many positive comments.

Henry and his new girlfriend didn’t keep their relationship but Riley continues to remember her. Audrey then posted another tribute, saying she would always be family.

“This photo means EVERYTHING to me. I cried when I saw this…

Unfortunately Rileys Biological father isn’t with this awesome women I bragged about and went viral over, But she will always be apart of Rileys life. I don’t care who she ends up marrying but Riley will always be apart of you and your girls life. I love this girl and whoever dares messes with her feelings is in big trouble because you have to go through me.

I will always have a weak spot in my heart for Whitney, She is my family..I repeat you mess with her you mess with me. I hope you ladies learn from Whit and I that you that you can make it work. You CAN makes those complicated relationships with the other spouse happen.

So for those of you that asked “so what happens if they break up” Your answer “Nothing changes..” We did it and we will still continue even though my child’s father isn’t with her anymore. She is still and always apart of her life so it’s worth it. Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do for my daughter (your daughter as well).

Riley and I love you Whit forever and always ❤️ your [sic] beautiful inside and out

It’s nice to know that these two clearly have a lot of good feelings for each other. Co-parenting should always be this pleasant.

h/t: Shared |Facebook/Audrey.Nicole

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