Mom Didn’t Believe When Kids Said A Scary ‘Creature’ Was Living In Their Room

Caitlin Burch is a proud mother to two daughters. She and her husband love their 9 year old and their 6 year old very much. While they love their children, they are also well aware of their overactive imaginations. Kids have a way of bending the truth but it is all usually in good fun. The youngest daughter came to them with quite the tall tale recently.

However, the parents would soon learn that their initial instinct was wrong. When a parent is told that there is an animal roaming around the living room by a small child, it is understandable for them to be skeptical. This is a common impulse. Little did they know just how wrong they were! At first, they thought that maybe she was exaggerating.

Maybe it was just a little bitty mouse or something? When Caitlin and her husband first went to look, they did not see anything of note. The story did not seem plausible. If the animal was as large as the child said it was, then surely they would have seen it, right? The initial incident did not take long to pass and Caitlin did not think much more about it.

Three nights later, she realized just how truthful her child was being. The eldest daughter woke up during the night and told her parents that she had seen the creature as well. Her husband went to go survey the scene. When he came back, he had a very simple response for his wife. The daughters had been right all along. There was a creature hiding out in there!

As it turns out, the visitor was actually a pudgy possum. The animal had decided to make himself at home and had no designs on leaving anytime soon. The level of disbelief that these parents had at the beginning of the process was gone now. The possum was fine with leaving once Caitlin’s husband decided to intervene, though. He put up zero fight on his way out.

The kids are now huge fans of possums. They each received a stuffed possum last Christmas and as you can see, they are huge fans. We cannot blame these parents for being skeptical at first but we are sure that they have learned their lesson. This is a wonderful story and it is one that this family is sure to be telling everyone for years and years to come.

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