Dogs dream about the people they love, according to psychologists

If you are anything like us, you have probably spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out how your pet is thinking. We love to watch our pets when they are sleeping and we have often fantasized about learning more about their dreams. Of course, the average human already has certain dreams that they are well aware of. These dreams tend to be the same across all humans.

However, we do not have the same level of knowledge when it comes to dogs. It may be fair to assume that a dog will have a similar experience, though. After all, we are all just animals, right? Dr. Deirdre Barrett has studied the matter and she has come up with an amazing finding that will make all dog owners’ hearts swell with pride.

Did you know that the average dog is actually likely to be dreaming about their owner? She has long been mesmerized by dogs and now she is trying her best to get to the bottom of this long-running mystery. There is no way for anyone to be completely certain about these matters but she is trying her best to learn as much as she possibly can.

There is one certainty: mammals and humans have a very similar sleeping cycle. They experience the same stage of REM sleep when humans have all of their dreams. It is easy to presume that mammals have similar types of dreams. Our knowledge is limited to this point because animals cannot share their dreams with the rest of us. Only gorillas have been able to up until now.

Koko and Michael are the most famous gorillas to many. They are well known for their signing exploits. The two were able to discuss their dreams with research. These are the insights that Dr. Barrett used to make her hypothesis. Michael has dreams about poachers killing his loved ones. He has even woken up signing about the evil nature of people and how they are known for killing gorillas.

A dog is likely to dream about the same type of day to day interests as the average human, due to the similarity in sleep cycles. When your dog kicks out their legs while sleeping, they are running in their dreams. The more pronounced the animal’s movements are, the more likely they are to be acting out one of their dreams. We must admit that all of this makes a lot of sense. Please pass these findings along!

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