House was burning down when mom finds family pit bull dragging 7-month-old baby by her diaper

When it comes to having dogs and babies in the same house, there are a wide range of parents who are against the idea completely. They are scared that the dog will hurt their baby, understandably so. Pitbulls are one of the most common breeds that parents look to avoid. These dogs have a reputation for being overly fierce and while it is unfounded, it still affects the decision making process.

The mother in this story learned firsthand that this reputation has not been earned at all. Latana Chai is a mother from California who recently underwent a terrible ordeal. She and her child Masailah were inside of their home when the neighbor’s house burst into flames. Sasha the pitbull was also there at the time. The pitbull is roughly the same size as the seven month old child.

The fire took place back in June, while Latana was fast asleep. All of a sudden, she heard the dog barking at the back door. She did not know why the animal was making such a racket but she seemed to be in quite a bit of distress. The dog’s barks were far more intense than usual. Latana figured that something had to be seriously wrong for the dog to bark like this.

Sasha and her child are very close, according to Latana. They have spent almost their entire lives together. This dog was not going to let anything happen to their little buddy. When the neighbor’s house caught on fire, Sasha leaped into action immediately. What she did next will stun those who still allow themselves to believe that pitbulls are inherently scary creatures.

By the time Latana realized what was going on and went to check on her child, there was no need. Sasha was already racing to her side. The pitbull sank its teeth into the child’s diaper and pulled them outside, away from the danger. From there, Mom made sure that everyone made their way outside safely. If not for this dog’s quick thinking, Masailah may have been badly hurt.

Would you like to hear more about this truly incredible rescue story? Of course you would. Be sure to check out the video below and pass it along to all the pitbull skeptics in your life. Let’s all do our part, so that these dogs can start to change their reputation and receive the praise they deserve.

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