Mom Totally Loses It After Her Puppy Starts ‘Talking Like A Human’

Ramsey is a special dog, according to his mother. This baby Husky loves to communicate in a manner that is different from the average dog. He does not bark or whine. Instead, he uses human language to communicate! The video that you are about to see is an amazing one. He is curled up on his mother’s lap and by all appearances, he is blabbering like a human baby.

We cannot believe our ears. His mother cannot stop laughing and we do not blame her. Just imagine how hard you would laugh if you were confronted by the existence of a talking puppy. We would be rolling around on the floor, to be honest. Ramsey clearly has something important to say, too. He is not just talking because he likes to hear the sound of his own voice.

Ramsey has got a real point to make, dang it! His mother just wants to laugh him off but for all she knows, he could be imparting the secret to life. Ramsey, we are here for you, buddy. We are going to hear you out and try our best to understand every word. Mom might be trying her best but she is struggling to keep a straight face and we understand.

Do you have any guesses as to what Ramsey is trying to ask for? Some believe that he is trying to say “banana” but that does not make much sense to us. What dog do you know that loves to eat bananas? Ramsey may want a blanket or perhaps he is just trying his best to ask for a bottle, like all of the other babies that he knows.

This is one lucky mother. She is never going to have a dull moment and we envy her. We love to talk to our pets and find ourselves wishing that they had the ability to talk back. Mom is living out our dream! Whenever we are struggling to stay cheerful, this is now going to be our go to clip. No one can watch this without cracking up.

At least that is where we stand on the matter. Did you laugh as hard as we did? If so, be sure to take a moment to share it with your closest friends and loved ones. They are certainly going to have their own takes on what this adorable dog is actually saying.

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