Woman Has Emotional Reunion With Dog Rescued From Avalanche

Wintertime can be a lot of fun, especially for our pets. While it may be chilly outside, our dogs still love to spend time outdoors. Frolicking in the snow is one of their favorite pastimes. Unfortunately for the dog in this snow, some fun in the snow would soon turn dangerous. The animal’s mother was left to pick up the pieces.

Mount Timpanogos in Utah was the site of this occurrence. The mother and her dog happened to be visiting Stewart Falls at the time. Local sheriffs would soon intervene. This woman’s dog took a terrible tumble. Can you believe that this pooch plummeted 40 feet and lived to tell the tale? He fell into the moat beneath a snowy bridge and we cannot imagine how terrified he must have been.

This is one resilient dog, though. The dog’s fall was caused by an avalanche in the area and his mother was very concerned. She did not know if her pet was still alive. All she wanted was the chance to hold him one more time. Rescue team members set about the task of rescuing the dog immediately. It would take a great deal of digging but they were not going to give up.

From there, a team member was given the chance to head down into the hole that was created to find the pooch. After a few moments, the dog was rescued and reunited with his mother. She was worried sick but very happy to have her old pal back. The video that you are about to witness is amazing and sad, all at the same time. Get your tissues ready.

This mother clearly did not think that she would ever get the chance to see her dog again. A 40 foot fall is tough to sustain. From the looks of it, the dog and owner are both crying and by the time the clip is done, there won’t be a dry eye in your house. A story like this definitely doesn’t come along every day and we are here for it!

If this video hit you in the feels too (and how could it not?), you will want to make sure that all of your friends and loved ones have the chance to check it out. Thanks to the Utah County Sheriff’s Office for being willing to share this heartwarming clip with the rest of the world.

Callout #4: trapped dog at Stewart FallsDuration: 5 hoursLocation: Stewart FallsResources Involved: ucssarWhat Happened: SAR was dispatched to rescue a dog that had fallen 40 feet down a snow mote up at Stewart Falls. The 60 lb dog fell into the mote under a snow bridge that was created by an avalanche over Stewart Falls. Due to the location where the dog was, team members dig a hole through the snow for access. A team member was then lowered down and the dog was successfully rescued.

Posted by Utah County Sheriff Search and Rescue on Sunday, February 3, 2019

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