Moments Before K-9 Cop Is Put Down A Message Comes Over The Radio

We are all aware of the dedication that police put into their job. They are there for us when we need them but we should never forget the K-9 members of the police force. They work side-by-side with human law enforcement officers to guide and protect them as well as to protect the rest of us.

Argo the German Shepherd was a part of the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s office. He did a fantastic job but nobody could have expected what he was able to accomplish during his time on the force. It would impact everybody on the team.

Thanks to the special K-9, the streets of Texas are a lot safer. He was able to successfully sniff out thousands of pounds of drugs because he worked as a narcotics detection dog. His partner, LT Francesco Guerrero happily served with him.

After serving the community for many years, Argo received a devastating diagnosis. It was bone cancer, a progressive problem that would eventually stop him from doing what he loved most. Until that time, however, he refused to slow down and continued until the pain was too much to handle.

His partner made a difficult decision at that moment that any parent of a faithful pet can make. He would hold a small ceremony where friends and loved ones could come and say goodbye to K-9 Argo.

Argo even received a farewell over the police radio. When a police officer is at the end of their career, it is tradition to say goodbye in this way so they gave that honor to Argo as well. When he heard his name coming over the radio, his ears perked up.

You could not find a dry eye when that emotional goodbye was given. Thank you Argo for the service you provided to the community.

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