For Months, Lost Dog Desperately Follows Every Woman He Sees Hoping One Of Them Is His Mom

Chunjang did not mean to get lost. It just kind of happened. The poor pup found himself wandering the streets of South Korea, hoping to find his mother. Those of us who managed to get lost in stores or shopping malls when we were little can definitely to this dog’s plight. Just take a look at his face. This is one dog who we definitely feel sorry for.

Once he realized he was lost, there was only one thing to do from that point on. He would have to follow every woman that he saw until one of them actually turned out to be his mother. This was a a process that would take some time. He spent four months looking for his mother, but to no avail. Other residents would attempt to help out but he would run away from them.

The poor dog had become very skittish as a result of his past. The residents tried to offer him food in hopes of gaining his trust. Kritter Klub is a local TV show that focuses on animal rescue. Residents contacted the show and got Chunjang some much needed attention. A trap was set so that the dog could not run away like he had before.

While he was certainly frightened initially, his tune changed when he realized that the rescuers simply wanted to help him. Once he was taken to the vet, an ID number was found on his skin. This is the number that they would use in order to find his mother. They drove the dog out to the house where they believed his owner lived.

There was a slight twist, though. It turns out that the man at the house had given the pup to a friend of his when he was small. This woman was Chunjang’s true owner. As soon as Kritter Klub let her see the video of him, she began to cry. She was just so happy that her friend was all right. Chunjang was a bit wary at first but it did not take him long to get over these feelings.

Once he saw his mother, it was obvious that the two share a powerful connection. His tail began to wag and the two were completely overcome with feelings of joy. Please share this awesome story and video with all of your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible!

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