Dog Was Returned To Shelter For Being ‘A Good Boy’

This is one of the more bizarre stories that we have ever seen. Arizona Animal Welfare League staffers have been through a lot during their time working at this location but they have never seen anything like this. Dogs are often brought back to shelters for a wide range of reasons.

This dog was brought back for one of the worst reasons that we have ever heard of. Binx was sent back to the Arizona Animal Welfare League within a mere 48 hours and the staffers were confused. The animal had been returned to the shelter for the awful crime of being “too good”. Have you ever heard of something so ridiculous in all of your life?

Even when he was found by a group of hikers that did not want to leave him behind, they were only able to hold onto him for a month. They brought him to the good people at the Arizona Animal Welfare League because this is the single largest no kill shelter in the state.

He immediately became a staff favorite and they believed that it wouldn’t take long before the dog was able to find a home of his own. Binx loves attention and getting cuddles. They assumed he would find a home at one of their adoption events.

I’m Binx, And I am TOO good of a dog. No Seriously! I was adopted and returned within 48 hours, with notes saying I’m…

Posted by Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA on Monday, October 22, 2018

However, this is not what happened. He was taken home and brought back right away. The woman who brought him back said that her husband was actually looking for a dog who happened to be a bit more high maintenance. Is it Opposite Day and no one told us? This is beyond crazy. Anyone who does decide to adopt this special boy is going to get a true gem.

It is not every day that you get to take home a shelter dog who is “too good” to find a family of their own. Please spread the word about Binx’s plight. This is one dog that deserves to find a home as quickly as possible. Whoever adopts Binx is going to be very lucky and we are already jealous! Share away, everyone.

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