‘Shrek’ Donkey With A Beautiful Voice Sings To The Man Who Always Brings Her Treats

Yes, you read that title properly. There is a donkey out there in the world who has the voice of an angel and we cannot believe our eyes (or ears). Martin is from Ireland and he came across this donkey when he was going for a walk near his home. Her name is Harriet and she is one of the most adorable creatures that we have ever seen. Of course, Martin had to stop to say hello.

He was smitten from the first moment that he laid eyes on her. The next day, he decided that he would bring his new pal some carrots. At this time, a full fledged friendship started to form. Martin now spends time with the donkey on a regular basis. He has even met her owners and developed a friendship with them as well. One thing is for sure, Harriet is very spoiled.

Martin has been visiting her for over a year now. He never forgets to bring her treats and the two always have a lovely time together. Harriet is not content to just accept the treats, though. She wants Martin to know just how much she appreciates him. That is why she decided to provide him with a gift of her own.

She put on a performance for the ages for Martin and we are swooning. What a lovable donkey. We had no idea that a donkey could sing like this and we are glad that Martin has shared this performance with us. She may not get a record deal any time soon but we love her songs nonetheless. Harriet definitely puts a lot of soul and passion into her crooning.

It is almost too adorable to laugh at, to be honest. Martin had never heard her sing before but this clip was too good not to share. Once you have seen it for yourself, it is time to pass it along to your friends and loved ones. This is one donkey who is definitely trying her best to earn all of those delicious carrots that Martin provides.

If you have never seen a donkey sing before, now is your chance to do so. This donkey may like to receive all kinds of treats but her singing is the true treat here. Please share away so that everyone will have the chance to enjoy her song. This is one friendship that is destined to stand the test of time.

I visited the beautiful Harriet today (Sunday 21st October)She could never hee haw like other donkeys but apparently she's now an opera singer!! ????❤

Posted by Martin Stanton on Sunday, October 21, 2018

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