Dog Gets His Own ‘Office’ Parody To Help Him Find A Home

Bentley has not had the easiest life. His past owners treated him so poorly, Humane Law Enforcement was forced to intervene. While the shelter that he was taken to was not given very much background on his past life, the staffers were able to tell that the dog was quite distressed. The poor pup was terrified of everything and everyone when he first arrived.

He did not want to spend time with humans. Most days were spent in his kennel, avoiding all contact. Bentley was afraid of the other dogs and he was scared of the humans as well. In order to break him out of his shell, the staff members decided that they would start to keep him in their office instead. This would give him the chance to see that humans were not all bad.

This plan worked like a charm. He soon saw that the staff had his best interests at heart. In time, he opened up and became the happy and playful dog that everyone knew he could be. While he still has some jitters when he meets new people, he has come a very long way over the past two years. He’s made some new friends and he even hangs out with other dogs now.

The shelter team is still working with him to help him overcome his biggest fears. Bentley has yet to be adopted and in order to drum up interest, the shelter created their very own parody video. Anyone who is a fan of The Office is definitely going to appreciate this one. We are trying to pick ourselves up off the floor as we speak.

In a perfect world, Bentley would be adopted by a family that understands his anxiety and is willing to take the time to get to know him. All Bentley needs are some loving people to spend time with. He likes to spend time outdoors and loves hikes. Bentley is just like any other dog. He just needs a little bit of love and affection before he comes out of his shell.

This shelter is hoping that the rest of the world comes to their senses soon. In the meantime, be sure to share this hilarious Office parody with your friends and loved ones. Let’s all do our part to raise awareness so that Bentley is able to find the right family and move into his forever home.

Meet Dunder Mifflin's newest hire – Bentley

Meet Dunder Mifflin’s newest hire — Bentley!Bentley has spent two years living in the PSPCA's Behavior office.Share to help turn his “office” into a forever home! You can check out Bentley & his adoptable friends by visiting

Posted by Pennsylvania SPCA on Friday, October 12, 2018

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