Mother Dog Has No Idea Why She And Her Babies Were Dumped At Shelter

When Melody arrived at a shelter in Texas recently, no one seemed to know what to make of the situation…including Melody herself. While no one knows what her life was like before she was dropped off, she seemed to have been neglected before her arrival. She was emaciated and her body was frail. The dog had certainly been dealt quite the bad hand.

The dog had given birth to a litter of ten puppies not long before she was dumped off at the shelter. Melody is a selfless mother. Even though she could barely feed herself, she was still willing to make sure that her little ones were getting fed. The puppies were in good shape when they arrived at the shelter, all things considered. Dallas DogRRR – Rescue.Rehab.Reform was tasked with her care.

Patti Dawson is the person responsible running the shelter and when she saw what was taking place, she was stunned. Her heart strings were tugged. She looked into the dog’s sad eyes and knew that she had to help. Patti is someone who has a soft spot for mothers. When she got word from one of the shelter workers that Melody had arrived, she could not stop thinking about her.

Since she was the mother of pit bull puppies, it was going to be tough for her to find a home. She would be placed on an euthanasia list once her puppies were finished with the weaning process. This meant that time was of the essence. If they did not find Melody a home soon, Patti feared the worst. The deadline was rapidly approaching.

Patti issued a plea to her Facebook friends. She wanted Melody to find a home before her time was up and she was willing to do whatever it takes. A foster parent stepped up to the plate. From there, Melody’s life changed forever. The once shy dog began to open up and become a whole new pup. She and her puppies will reside at this location until they are ready for their forever home.

Dallas DogRRR can be contacted by anyone who is looking to give these dogs a home. In the meantime, please be sure to share this story with your closest friends and loved ones. There are plenty of dogs just like Melody out there in the world who are in need of help. Let’s all do our part so that these types of stories can become the exception instead of the norm.

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