Wild Deer Walks Towards Woman And The Last Thing She Expects Is A Move She’ll Never Forget

We all have moments in life where we can use a break. Let’s face it, times get hard and our daily experiences can be stressful. The hectic and chaotic nature of the human experience causes many of us to check out from time to time. While this is certainly understandable, we do not always expect animals to feel the same way about things. They are supposed to be care free in our eyes.

Who doesn’t like to find a nice, warm place to snuggle up with someone who cares so that they can forget what is going on the world? Anyone who says that they do not have moments where they yearn to get a little bit of shut eye is lying. As it turns out, animals tend to feel the exact same way. This wild deer’s actions are definitely evidence of this!

This woman was simply relaxing outside of her Alabama home and minding her own business when a deer happened to come along. Deer tend to be skittish creatures and they will run away at a moment’s notice. This was not the case in this instance, though. Instead of getting spooked and running away, the deer wandered right up to the woman.

The wild deer placed its head on the woman’s lap and decided to take a little snooze. This is definitely an adorable image but it does come with certain caveats. For starters, a wild deer outweighs a human by a fair amount. If these animals are to become startled, it can lead to serious injuries for humans who are in their midst.

Luckily, nothing so severe happened in this instance. The wild deer simply wanted to rest their eyes for a minute and we cannot blame them. Life is hard sometimes. It helps that this woman knew that it was in her best interests to remain calm when the deer got closer to her. She was not about to panic and risk sending the deer into a tizzy.

If you would like to see this cuddle session for yourself, be sure to check out the clip below. You will have a hard time trying not to smile. After all, how many times are you going to see something like this during the course of your life? It is not every day that a deer elects to take time out of their day to come and snuggle up with a human.

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