Puppies With Their Mouths Wrapped Shut With Rubber Bands Rescued By Maintenance Man

This maintenance worker headed to an apartment to do some much needed work and he never could have expected what he would come across. He was simply there to fix a pipe that had burst. He did not know that he would end up changing the lives of these puppies forever. When he entered the apartment, he could immediately tell that something was amiss.

There was an awful smell and it had nothing to do with the burst pipe. He took a look around and found a small crate that had some puppies inside. They were not making a sound, though. This was obviously disconcerting. When the maintenance man got closer to the cage, he realized why the puppies were so quiet. Their mouths were being held shut with rubber bands.

They were also ankle deep in their own waste. Luckily for these puppies, the man had friends in the right places. One of his pals works with Wichita Animal Action League and fosters dogs on a regular basis. The maintenance man gave him a call right away to start the ball rolling. The executive director of the Wichita Animal Action League was contacted from there.

Sarah Coffman knew that she had to save the puppies right away. In no time at all, she and a group of animal control experts were at the apartment and they removed the puppies from the squalor that they were being forced to live in. The rubber bands were taken off carefully. We can only imagine how happy this must have made these puppies.

Rubber Band Puppies- Update

It's been a week since the "rubber band puppies," Wilson & Violet, came into our care after being seized by Animal Control. A little backstory: A friend who is a maintenance man entered an apartment after a pipe above it burst and was flooding the apartment. Inside he found two puppies huddled in ankle deep feces and urine with their mouths wrapped shut with rubber bands.This video is the rubber bands being removed. Their screams of pain are hard to hear. Fast forward to today: they are doing WONDERFULLY! They are thriving in their foster home and soaking up all the love, care, and attention that every animal should experience. They do not have any lasting effects of their abuse except a small scar around their muzzles. The owner is facing misdemeanor animal abuse. We wish it could be charged as a felony but the way the law is written just doesn't support it. We will keep you updated with who has been charged and their court date when we are legally allowed. If you have applied to adopt we have received it! They cannot go anywhere for quite a while until the courts determine they are no longer needed for evidence. How can you help them now? • Become a foster! We can't take in cases like this without foster homes. • Join us at Wags & Whiskers on 9/29, sponsored by Sydney's Pet Resort! All proceeds help us rescue puppies just like these. Buy tickets at WAALrescue.org/ww.• Spread their story.• See something? SAY SOMETHING! You might just save a life. We'll continue to update you on their harrowing story. Thank you for all your support.

Posted by Wichita Animal Action League on Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The puppies have now been renamed. They are known as Wilson and Violet. Fortunately, they were discovered before any permanent damage could be done to their mouths. Wilson and Violet love their foster home. The two puppies are having all of the fun at their new home and we hope that they are adopted in a timely manner. As for the man who is responsible for their abuse?

Update on the rubber band puppies! They’re loving foster care and their foster mom-dog. If only people could be this resilient. ????If you’ve applied to adopt them, we HAVE received it! Please keep in mind they are technically evidence and they can’t go anywhere for quite a while. We’re getting thru the apps as quickly as possible and we’ll be in touch. Thank you all for your continued support in our mission and these puppies. ????

Posted by Wichita Animal Action League on Friday, September 14, 2018

He has been charged with a misdeameanor for his crime. The authorities have stated that they would like to file a more serious charge but the law will not allow for it. Wilson and Violet are going to remain with their foster family in the meantime. Once their court case has concluded, the adoption process can begin in earnest. Contact the Wichita Animal Action League if you would like to provide them with assistance in these efforts.

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