Muslim Restaurant Hung A Huge Sign Outside Their Door On Christmas That Went Viral

All over the world people get into the Christmas spirit and start feeling generous. Surprisingly the Christmas spirit is not limited to anyone’s faith, but it shows up across all believes and faiths.

No matter where you go running up to the Christmas Holidays you are bound to find joyful Christmas decorations and people showing their best selves. Kindness and generosity knows know bounds.

In London, a Muslim owned Turkish restaurant has shown the true Christmas spirit in an amazing display of generosity. The restaurant Shish is owned by Hasan Masud, a devout Muslim. Despite the fact that in the Muslim belief Christmas has no special meaning Hasan decided to put a hand written sign. But this sign was different from all of the other displays that typically come up during Christmas and are usually intended to create more business or sales.

Not surprisingly the sign went viral as a sign that shows that even in a world that is driven by division and hatred it is possible for good people to come together and support each other’s beliefs.

The sign said: “No one eats alone on Christmas Day. We are here to sit with you.”

The sign further explained that the homeless and elderly are invited for a 3 course lavish meal – and that the meal was completely free. This was not an offer of some run-down hand-outs, but truly a great meal for the homeless and elderly.

When asked why he was offering such an expansive meal for free Hasan simply said too many people are staying at home alone on Christmas because they don’t have anybody taking care of them. We want everyone to know that you don’t have to be alone. We will sit with you and enjoy your Christmas dinner!
Now that’s the Christmas Spirit… Please share with all of your friends and family.

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